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CMM Online

“Reorganizing Custodial Departments in Higher Education” by Rex Morrison, founder of PC4HS — April 30, 2015


School Planning and Management

“You Can Clean for Health” — March 2013


CMM Online

“Communicating With The Consortium” - from Rex Morrison, founder of PC4HS — February 27, 2013


Healthy Schools Campaign (HSC)

Healthy Schools Campaign (HSC) site — February 19, 2013


American School & University (AS&U) Magazine

“Clean School Perceptions” (with Related Video) — September 2012


School Planning and Management (SP&M) Magazine

“Then and Now” — February 2012



“Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools Consortium and IEHA Offer New Guide and Top 10 Ways to Promote Healthy Schools” — January 2012


Building Operating Management (BOM) Magazine

“Learning Curve: Process Cleaning Leads to a Cleaner, Healthier School” — August 2011


Cleaning and Maintenance Management (CMM) Magazine

“Process Cleaning Transforms Custodial Duties” — June 2011


Housekeeping Solutions Magazine

“Connecting the Dots to Process Cleaning” — February 2011

“Developing Good Systems Through Process Cleaning” — February 2011


Sanitary Maintenance Magazine

“Process Cleaning Provides An Efficient Way To Clean Schools” — March 2011



“Mike Jones Added to PC4HS Field Advisory Board (FAB)” — June 24, 2015


“Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools Expands Board” — May 26, 2015


“PC4HS Bylaws Posted For Public Review” — February 20, 2014


“Program Promotes Handwashing In Schools”


“Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools”


“Process Cleaning for Healthy Facilities (PC4HF) Website Launched as the Official Site of the Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools (PC4HS) Consortium”


“Non-profit PC4HS Announces Membership Levels and Certificates”


“IEHA Launches Healthy Schools Program Focused on Maintenance and Cleaning”