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Gary Allread Ph.D., Bio - Process Cleaning for Healthy Facilities™
Healthy Facilities™

Gary Allread Ph.D.

Gary Allread Ph.D.

Dr. Allread is the Program Director of the Institute for Ergonomics ( at The Ohio State University (  A Certified Professional Ergonomist, he works extensively with companies and organizations nationwide, to provide a variety of ergonomics support services.  This includes:  conducting ergonomics worksite assessments; giving general and customized ergonomics training; and developing and managing companies' ergonomics programs.  He also works closely with Ohio State's well-respected ergonomics faculty and staff to conduct quantitative research for those seeking more-detailed analyses of their products and work functions. 


Dr. Allread coordinates Ohio State's popular Ergonomics Short Course, offered bi-annually on OSU's main campus in Columbus.  Recently, he has also lent his expertise to those in the foundry, automotive assembly, hospitality, healthcare, and air transportation industries, to improve work practices and reduce injuries among employees.



Ph.D., The Ohio State University (2000) -

M.S., The Ohio State University (1993)

   (Industrial Engineering, Major: Ergonomics and Biomechanics)

B.S.E., Wright State University (1986) - 

   (Systems Engineering/Human Factors Engineering) -


Professional Society Affiliations

Member of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, 1986 - present

Certified Ergonomics Professional (Board of Certified Professional Ergonomists), 2005-present

Associate Ergonomics Professional (Board of Certified Professional Ergonomists), 1999-2005


Professional Service

1.    Chairperson and Reviewer, Disease, Disability, and Injury Prevention and Control Special Emphasis Panel, Collaborative Program for the Identification and Prevention of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders, July 24, 2000

2.    Member, Human Factors Subcommittee of the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), 2002 - 2010

3.    Co-Advisor, Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Student Chapter at The Ohio State University, 2003-present

4.    Organizing Committee, Applied Ergonomics Conference, 2009 - present



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