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Spreading the Success of PC4HS® - Douglas County School District

By PC4HS Staff

Two years ago, Douglas County School District, a neighboring district to Washoe County (where Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools® or PC4HS started) heard about PC4HS and decided to connect with Rex Morrison, now president of the non-profit PC4HS Consortium, to implement it in their 11 school buildings.

“Our school district was looking for a more efficient way for our custodians to clean, and we wanted to raise the standard and improve our practices,” says IEHA member Bill Blumenthal, Custodial Supervisor of Douglas County School District (now vice-president of the PC4HS Consortium). “We began talking with Rex and the Washoe School District about their processes and went there to take a look at some of the schools, and decided to pilot a program.”

Before implementing PC4HS, custodians at the different schools in Douglas County were doing things their own way — there was no standard process or system put in place regarding how to clean a classroom or restroom. Since standardizing the school district’s cleaning processes and systems, Blumenthal says they have raised standards, cut budget and reduced absenteeism. In addition, administrative staff, teachers and students have all been very responsive to the changes and give compliments to the custodial staff on a regular basis.
“You will find that your custodial staff, especially veteran employees, may not like the changes at first,” warns Blumenthal. “But you have to show them where you’re coming from. Let them know that this isn’t an attack on the way they’ve been doing things, you are simply standardizing the processes in order to better the health of the school district as a whole.”

If you are interested in implementing PC4HS in your K-12 school, contact Rex Morrison at or Bill Blumenthal at