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PC4HS Officially Supports "Clean and Healthy Schools for Dummies" (the book) - Process Cleaning for Healthy Facilities™
Healthy Facilities™

PC4HS Officially Supports "Clean and Healthy Schools for Dummies" (the book)

By PC4HS Staff

The non-profit Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools® (PC4HS) Consortium is officially supporting the promotion and distribution of the book, Clean and Healthy Schools for Dummies by Dr. David Mudarri, a publishing collaboration by the IEHA, Healthy Schools Campaign and Wiley & Sons Publishing.

A Pocket Guide to Healthy, High Performance Schools

Understand how to create an indoor environment that enhances health and academic performance. This little book can help you better understand how a clean and well-maintained school is a healthy school, and how it boosts attendance and student and staff performance. A healthy school is a better-performing school. Know modern cleaning technology, get to know the inside of your school and understand what keeps a school healthy.

In upcoming blog posts, the PC4HS Consortium will feature excerpts from the book, and provide advice on how to apply the information within a Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools (PC4HS) program.

For more information, or to request a Free copy of this book (plus shipping and handling of $4.50), please email arathey@jantrain.com.