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Portland Public Schools - How Green It Is - Process Cleaning for Healthy Facilities™
Healthy Facilities™

Portland Public Schools - How Green It Is

By PC4HS Staff

When answering a thoughtful question posed by a respected colleague, Claire Barnett of the Healthy Schools Network, “How green is green at PPS?” – Kalli M. Butt ? Custodial Quality Assurance Coordinator, Facility Operations, Facilities & Asset Management, Portland Public Schools (PPS), and PC4HS Field Advisory Board (FAB) member notes:


“We use Green Seal-certified products ? in Portland, Oregon, going green is a cultural norm – and they perform well. For disinfecting, we use an EPA-registered Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP), no-VOC product with a strong safety and environmental profile. Hydrogen Peroxide breaks down to water and oxygen, so we feel this is the best choice where disinfecting is required (e.g., on high-tough surfaces where pathogens such as MRSA are found).


More Green Elements


Recycling is practiced district-wide (80 schools).


Composting – Most PPS schools have compost bins emptied by waste management into a central compost area.


Microfiber – “All of our PC4HS schools use a microfiber system that works with reduced chemistry, and we launder microfiber cloths, dust mops, and wet mops once-weekly internally rather than outsourcing which conserves resources,” Kalli said.


Training for Green, Clean and Healthy Under PC4HS


“Every year, we hold a Summer Training Fair, a full-day of classes over three weeks including leadership, product and process training. We provide tailored education for both new custodians and veterans, nearly 400 people, and our supplier, custodians and managers are integral to the program by covering topics such as inventory management, work loading, and more.”


“Training our staff on standardization using PC4HS has been key to our success, as has our responsive product supplier.”


“We are moving very aggressively forward with the PC4HS program ? we will be adding another 10 schools to PC4HS very soon ? as it provides a clear rhyme and reason to our activities.”


About Kalli


Kalli M. Butt is Custodial Quality Assurance Coordinator, Facility Operations, Facilities & Asset Management, Portland Public Schools (PPS). She is involved with training new hires in PC4HS, inspecting school buildings for compliance with the clean for health process, and much more. Kalli graduated from the University of Delaware, and spent her early career in the hospitality field, working for Marriott, Sheraton and Ritz-Carlton hotels in various leadership roles. At PPS, Kalli has created a PC4HS user manual to help custodians understand the program, the tools and supplies that enable it, and provide “step by step procedural instructions.”   Kalli is also involved in measuring hygienic outcomes using ATP, conducting time studies, evaluating and assisting schools starting and deploying the program, and “writing and directing a PC4HS video.”


About PC4HS


PC4HS is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a mission of “schools helping schools.” The process optimizes efficiency, cleanliness, ease of deployment and health factors through a carefully designed and documented system tailored for early learning centers, K-12 school districts, and higher education.


About PPS


Portland Public Schools (PPS), an urban school district in Portland, Oregon founded in 1851? now the largest district in the Pacific Northwest with approximately 47,000 students in 80 schools – has implemented the Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools (PC4HS) program in 15 schools, with district-wide rollout planned.