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Field Advisory Board Update - Pella Community Schools - Growing the Right Custodial Culture - Process Cleaning for Healthy Facilities™
Healthy Facilities™

Field Advisory Board Update - Pella Community Schools - Growing the Right Custodial Culture

By PC4HS Staff

Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools (PC4HS) has released its latest Field Advisory Board Update, on Pella Community Schools.


Ryan Doschadis, Custodial Services Director of Pella Community Schools (PCS) – located in central Iowa about 40 miles southeast of Des Moines – oversees cleaning six PCS facilities totaling about 500,000 sq. ft. 


The “hybrid” PCS cleaning program has saved money while enabling more cleaning and better quality; success Ryan attributes to his business background with two Fortune 500 companies, collaboration with Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools (PC4HS), and a commitment to building the right group culture (Ryan majored in sociology at the University of Iowa).


“Great culture beats great strategy,” he notes. “PC4HS has helped us further simplify, standardize and develop our cleaning culture and process, and we have funneled resulting savings into doing more cleaning.”


With success, the news has spread, and Ryan is now helping two additional districts succeed with their programs.


“In one district, in 10 months, we saved $100,000 without cutting any jobs,” he notes.


Ryan performs monthly “spot audits” – including ATP measurement – as a way to help his staff determine and improve effectiveness, intercept and fix issues before they become problems, and help ensure clean facilities as an aid to good relations with teachers and school administration.


Growing a Culture of Clean


Ryan fosters a “decluttering culture” by providing teachers with PC4HS’s Decluttering “On Purpose” Checklist, http://www.pc4hf.com/documents/PC4HS-Decluttering-Checklist-final.pdf.   Teachers get involved in removing clutter from their classrooms, making the rooms easier to clean for a cleaner, healthier, learning environment at lower cost.


Ryan is a strong believer in Mission Statements. PCS’s Custodial Mission Statement says it will “provide an orderly, sanitary and friendly environment through emphasis on accountability and teamwork, ensuring a clean and well-maintained facility.”


This practical mantra – not just “window dressing” ? is displayed on custodial carts, in closets, on crew shirts, and prominently at the offsite Summer custodial boot camp providing personalized training to all workers each year on:

  • Machine maintenance
  • Stripping and finishing floors
  • Extracting carpet
  • Dusting
  • Cleaning desks, and much more.

Boot camp training includes updating and defining tasks and steps, standardizing and training on processes, simplifying product inventory, reducing unnecessary chemical use, and color-coding products – all in an interactive atmosphere.


Food, mission-themed shirts, personal attention, instruction, and TLC is provided all PCS custodial workers, from newbies to veterans, for team-building and skills-growth in all facets of keeping schools clean, safe and healthy.


Congratulations to Ryan and Pella Community Schools for their ongoing success.


About Ryan


Ryan Doschadis, Custodial Services Supervisor, Pella Community School District, Pella, IA, has a Bachelors Degree from the University of Iowa and has an Associate Arts Degree from Kirkwood Community College. He was President of Young Professionals of Pella. He has also worked over 10 years for two Fortune 500 companies. While working at these places he won several awards for his innovative ideas and strong work ethic.


Most recently he enabled Pella Community School District to be the first school district in the State of Iowa to achieve Platinum Status in the Amsan Smart Assessment Program. He is also establishing the Pella School District to have the first "Live Inventory" in the State of Iowa. His work focuses on quantitative assessment of workplace and environmental exposures, and implemented the Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools® program in 2014.