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Q: Isn't Process Cleaning Just Another Way to Eliminate Jobs? - Process Cleaning for Healthy Facilities™
Healthy Facilities™

Q: Isn't Process Cleaning Just Another Way to Eliminate Jobs?

By PC4HS Staff

Q: Isn't Process Cleaning Just Another Way to Eliminate Jobs?

A: We appreciate your concern, and, candidly, do not believe in saving money by eliminating custodians. What we do, as a consortium, is the opposite. We offer schools the tools they need to be competitive.

We prevent the elimination of jobs by bringing some austerity, as well as a system of green cleaning for health, to schools across the country.

We encourage schools to use attrition and reallocation whenever possible; however, if - as a result of enhanced efficiencies channeled through ergonomic practices - a few must suffer for the strength of many, it is far better than having the entire ship sink under a wave of cumbersome processes.

We are a group of custodial professionals from around the country, helping other custodial professionals take this battle right to the streets of our schools. We are losing school district after school district due to poorly orchestrated cleaning. Someone must take a stand. That is our mission. We provide the right tools for schools to successfully compete in the open marketplace, to defend themselves and the health of the school environment through a non-proprietary cleaning program providing cleaner, greener, more germ-free student and staff spaces, at a significant savings to the taxpayer. We hope this helps explain our position.

Rex Morrison, president, Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools® (PC4HS) Consortium

Web: www.pc4hf.org

Email: rexpc4hf@att.net

Cell: 775-530-8933