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Steps to Clean a Classroom - Process Cleaning for Healthy Facilities™
Healthy Facilities™

Steps to Clean a Classroom

By PC4HS Staff

There are about twelve steps you go through to clean a classroom, it does not matter where you are; every classroom in the United States looks the same. You’ve got ten to thirty desks, a teacher’s desk, a white board or a chalkboard, some tables and a lot of student chairs. It doesn’t matter if it’s first grade or university level; a classroom is a classroom. They’re basically set up alike, and they can be cleaned alike.

The process is simple: each night, custodians enter a classroom and turn and lock the door; clean the door glass; disinfect the door handle, light switches and telephones; disinfect the desktops; clean the sinks and countertops; check the soap and paper; empty the trash and pencil sharpeners and police the floors, picking up anything that a vacuum cleaner will not pick up.

We ask the teachers to do two things: write ‘save’ on the board if they don’t want it erased – we otherwise want to clean the boards every night – and have their students stack their chairs at the back of the room. A lot of districts have students stack their chairs on their desks; how are you supposed to disinfect the desktops then? What ends up happening is, those desktops only get disinfected twice a year. That’s why stacking them in the back of the room makes so much more sense. It also saves us about two minutes a room.

We are also looking at other methods for sanitizing the desktops that do not involve conventional chemistry...